As a professional travel blogger, I’ve stayed in many wonderful hotels around the world. The best ones have their own spa with things like a sauna and a hot tub. Now imagine having walked around for an entire day, dragging along a heavy camera and a range of adapters and chargers. Can you feel the tiredness? Now imagine letting yourself slide into a marvelously warm hot tub.


One easily gets used to luxuries and so I grew quite fond of hot tubs in particular. So much so, that I hope to one day own my own. Now, while travel blogging is an amazing job, it’s not exactly the best-paying one. That’s why I decided to start researching inflatable hot tubs. They’re much less pricey than the traditional hard spas and so much easier to set up.

On here, you can follow along as I gather information and make choices. I felt it would be a bit of a waste doing all this work and then not sharing it with anyone, so I’m hoping that by doing this, I can help you find the best inflatable hot tub for you too!

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