Traveling all around the world, I’ve visited my share of luxury hotels and spas, soaking my tired body in a relaxing hot tub after a day of exploring. I’ll need to win the lottery before I spend money on a proper hard hot tub for us, but an inflatable one. That’s something else. As they’re way less expensive, I started doing a little research and then I figured it would be a waste not to share my findings with you, now wouldn’t it? So here you go: a site dedicated to inflatable hot tub reviews, comparisons, tips, and a kick-ass buying guide.

So you want to buy a portable inflatable hot tub? Great idea! An inflatable portable hot tub gives you all that relaxing goodness a traditional hot tub does, minus the high costs and heavy maintenance. This guide will help you find the best inflatable hot tub to buy by listing the things you need to look out for, a bunch of inflatable hot tub reviews to read through and what I feel is the best inflatable hot tub on the market right now.

Ready to choose your tub of bliss? Dig in!

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Benefits of inflatable hot tubs

“But are inflatable hot tubs any good?” I hear you wonder. Well, actually, they’ve come a long way from being simple rubber hot tubs. An inflatable hot tub offers just about everything a regular hot tub has to offer, plus some additional benefits.

1. They are (way) less pricey

Because of the different main materials used in inflatable hot tub hot tubs and the features present, they come at a (much) lower price than traditional hard hot tubs. While the purchase and installation of a traditional hard hot tub can easily run into thousands of dollars, you can easily find inflatable hot tubs for sale at a fraction of that cost.

They’re also a good alternative for expensive spa visits. Let’s face it: it’s much more relaxing to sit in your own inflatable spa than in a spa with ten strangers, isn’t it? No watching the time, no keeping your legs folded double to make sure you don’t touch anyone else.

2. They are easy to assemble and store

When you buy an inflatable hot tub, it usually comes with its own pump which allows you to inflate or deflate it in a matter of minutes. This means it’s not only quick and easy to install, but also easy to store away when you’re not using it. After all, a deflated inflatable hot tub only takes up a fraction of the space it did when inflated.

You might want to put it in the garden house during the cold winter months or in the garage when you’re throwing a garden party and need space. This way, your inflatable spa tub is just as much a temporary hot tub ready to be pulled out when you feel like it.

3. They are portable

Thanks to their easy setup and the fact that they can be deflated, inflatable hot tub hot tubs are also quite portable. You can take them to a garden party, on a camping trip or pack them up when you’re moving. Some even come with a carry bag.

Word of caution

The only downside to inflatable hot tubs is that they take longer to heat. That’s not a problem once you’re aware of this, but you do need to be aware of it so that you don’t get disappointed when setting up your tub for the first time.

Blow-up hot tub comparison chart and reviews

So you’ve decided to buy an inflatable hot tub. Awesome! But which inflatable hot tub should you get? Look at this table with hot tub comparisons based on their most important distinguishing features such as how many people they can fit, their massage system and their price.

Underneath the table, you’ll find reviews on the top-rated inflatable hot tubs listed in the table as well as my personal recommendation for the best inflatable hot tub in general.

Coleman Lay-Z-Spa
4-624 x 22 x 32"yes$4.5
Bestway Coleman SaluSpa435 x 19 x 24"yes$4
Bestway SaluSpa Paris4-677 x 77 x 26"slightly$$ 3.5
Intex Pure Spa 28409E634 x 24 x 21"no$$$3
Bestway SaluSpa Palm Springs4-677 x 77 x 28"yes$$ 4
Bestway SaluSpa Siena259 x 26 x 98"$$$4.8
Intex PureSpa 85"685 x 85 x 28"yes$$4.2
Bestway SaluSpa Miami2-471 x 71 x 26"yes$4.3

What is the best inflatable hot tub in 2023?


I believe the Coleman Lay-Z-Spa Inflatable Hot Tub is the best blow-up hot tub around for several reasons:

  • It’s not so big yet easily fits four people, making it perfect for just about any garden, terrace or room.
  • It’s easy to set up/deflate again and comes with handy handles, making it portable.
  • It offers great value for a more than reasonable price.

As it easily fits up to 4 people, the Coleman Lay-Z-Spa is also the best 4-person inflatable hot tub. It’s effortless to install thanks to the instruction video on the Coleman website, inflating fast with the included spa pump. The digital control panel makes it easy to control both the temperature and the powerful but quiet bubble massage system.

Another great thing about this inflatable 4-person hot tub is that it has a cushioned air pad floor which doesn’t only ensure comfortable sitting but also provides insulation for minimizing heat loss. Additional insulation is provided by the bubble mat that comes with this Coleman hot tub.

When you need to cool off for a bit, go sit on the walls. This Coleman portable hot tub is constructed with sturdy TriTech material and I-Beam technology, making them strong enough to hold the weight of a grown-up man.

Read the full review here.


  • fast setup
  • 4 to 6-person capacity
  • 32″ x 22″ x 24x and 254 when inflated
  • 85.9 pounds
  • digital control panel
  • automatic start/stop timer-controlled heating system
  • TriTech material
  • cushioned air pad floor
  • I-Beam construction technology for the walls
  • pump included


  • reliable heater
  • sturdy walls
  • holds the heat well with the cover on
  • easy maintenance
  • temperature drops gradually when using the jets
  • filters need to be cleaned regularly

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The best cheap inflatable hot tub


If you’re looking for an affordable or even cheap inflatable spa, the SaluSpa Miami AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub – better known as the Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Miami – is the way to go. It comes with an inflatable cover to keep the hot tub clean when you’re not using it, a chemical floater and filter cartridge to keep the water fresh and an installation DVD. You won’t need the latter, though, because this Lay-Z-Spa inflatable hot tub is super easy to set up.

Its rapid-heating and water filtration systems ensure that you enjoy it in no time, indoors and outdoors, with up to four people. At the same time, the automatic start/stop timer for the heating system will make sure you’re not wasting electricity.
And while it’s small, this Lay-Z-Spa hot tub sure is sturdy. Thanks to the advanced technology in its walls, you can’t just sit in this tub, but also on it.

With all the features of a premium hot tub at an affordable price, the Lay-Z-Spa Miami is the best cheap blow-up hot tub for your buck.

Read the full review here.


  • rapid-heating system
  • water filtration system
  • digital control panel
  • automatic start/stop timer-controlled heating system
  • 2 to 4-people seating capacity
  • 71″ x 26″ and 177 gallon water capacity when inflated
  • 53.9 pounds when empty
  • heats up to 104°F
  • 120 bubble jets
  • chemical floater, filter cartride, inflatable cover, pump and installation DVD included
  • TriTech material


  • fast and easy setup
  • quiet
  • powerful massaging jets
  • comfortable bottom
  • good value for the price
  • seams need reparation after a few months
  • rather small for four people, two is comfortable
  • jet function doesn’t work when heater is on

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The best 6-person inflatable hot tub


This Intex inflatable hot tub is a 6-person inflatable spa with a built-in water softener and a lot of extras, such as two filter cartridges, a thermal ground, cloth and an insulated cover. The cover also has a lock, which adds to the safety of this tub.

Thanks to the sturdy yet soft Fiber-Tech material, this hot tub remains stable and keeps its shape no matter how you decide to hang or sit in or on it. Speaking of sitting, it has a padded bottom, making it extra comfortable.

This Intex hot tub is an inflatable hot tub with jets that go all around the interior so that everyone can enjoy a relaxing massage, no matter where they’re sitting. And you can take that very literally because the grab handles and carry bag included with this Intex spa show it’s made to be taken with you to garden parties or on vacation.

Read the full review here.


  • 6-person seating capacity
  • built-in water softening system
  • 85″ x 85″ x 28″ and 290 gallons water capacity when inflated
  • 95.7 pounds
  • comes with an insulated cover, a heating system, a pump, a filtration system, two filter cardridges, a thermal ground cloth, an inflated hose, a carry bag, a floating chlorine dispenser and 3-way test strips
  • Fiber-Tech Construction material
  • 140 high-powered bubble jets


  • fast and easy setup
  • low maintenance
  • very sturdy
  • maintains temperature easily with the cover on
  • heater keeps running while jets are on
  • Cools down after about 20 mins when using the bubble jets

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The best 2-person inflatable hot tub


This inflatable 2-person hot tub provides an experience like no other. Shaped like a long bath tub, it allows two people to fully stretch out. The design makes it easy to lay down and fully relax while the all-surrounding massage system does its work.

Thanks to the sturdy TriTech material out of which the walls of this 2-person inflatable spa are made, you don’t have to worry about them bending downward while you lay your head down and take a nap.

The Bestway SaluSpa Siena Airjet inflatable hot tub comes with an insulated top cover and a beverage table on which you can also place small items like that book you’ve been meaning to read forever.

While this Bestway spa isn’t exactly a small inflatable hot tub at 98.2 x 26 x 58.7 inches, its long but narrow design also makes this a great 1-person inflatable hot tub as well.

  • TriTech material walls
  • Automatic start/stop timer system for the heater
  • comes with a (re)movable table, a pump, an insulated inflatable top cover, an installation and maintenance DVD, a filter cartridge, a pressure gauge and a chemical floater
  • 98.2″ x 26″ x 58.7″ and 135 gallons water capacity when inflated
  • 78.9 pounds
  • heats up to 104°F
  • 120 all-surrounding air jets
  • two handles to get in and out of the hot tub safely


  • fast and easy setup
  • fits two large people easily
  • smooth-working jets
  • Heats rather slowly in a cold area

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The best inflatable hot tub


While all inflatable hot tubs are in essence portable, they’re not all equally portable. If you want to buy a portable inflatable spa because you plan on moving it around a lot, it’s important to look at things like weight, ease of installation, how fast it heats up and whether it comes with a carry bag.

This Intex portable blow-up hot tub combines space with an easy setup. While it has a 77″ diameter when inflated, it only measures about 3′ x 3′ x 2′ when deflated and stored in the included carry bag. The control unit can be stored separately and measures around 2′ x 2′ x 1.5′. The tub can easily be moved when inflated and empty thanks to its grab handles.

The Intex PureSpa 77 inch is also just a great inflatable hot tub to use, coming with a built-in water softener, an insulated cover and a bunch of other things.

  • capacity of 4 people
  • 77″ x 77″ x 28″ and a water capacity of 210 gallon when inflated
  • built-in water softening system
  • insulated cover
  • Fiber-Tech material
  • 120 surrounding high-powered bubble jets
  • cover lock
  • heats up to 104°F
  • 2 filter cartridges, heating system, inflation hose, 3-way test strip, floating pool chlorine dispenser and thermal ground cloth included


  • powerful jets
  • easy to set up
  • everything included except for the chemicals
  • durable
  • maintains heat well
  • temperature decreases slowly when using the bubble jets
  • no inflatable bottom

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The best indoor inflatable hot tub

indoor hot tub
Often when people don’t want to depend on the weather to enjoy their hot tub, they go in search of an inflatable indoor hot tub. Well, I’ve got some good news: all inflatable spas and hot tubs are good for indoors!

All these tubs really need is a flat surface to stand on and you’re good to go. Although there are a few things you should consider when you plan to place your inflatable hot tub indoors.

1. There shall be water

This seems a bit evident, but it’s good to consider that you’re bound to spill some water on the floor when you get in, especially out of your inflatable hot tub. It’s best to place the tub on a flat stone/tile surface or a waterproof floor cover so that your actual floor doesn’t get damaged by the water spills.

2. Ambiance is everything

It doesn’t take much to create a good ambience with an outside hot tub. Nice weather or even the sound of birds will do, but if you decide to put your blow-up spa in your basement, you might need some decorative elements to get the vibe right.

3. It’ll take up space

“Of course it’ll take up space,” you’re thinking, but indoors more easily becomes an issue than outside, where walls and a ceiling do not confine you. You’ll want to be able to get in and out easily, possibly change clothes in the same room and still have enough space for a table with some snacks.

4. It’ll get steamy

Because of the hot water, the air in the room can get humid and steamy. That’s not a great combination with, for example, walls covered in wallpaper. Make sure that wherever you place your inflatable spa bath, you ventilate the room well and frequently.

Inflatable hot tub buying guide

best blow up jacuzzi
As you can see in the chart, there are quite a few different inflatable hot tubs for sale. To make sure you buy the best inflatable spa for you, take into consideration these questions:

1. How many people need to fit in?

The largest inflatable hot tub on the chart is for six people, while the smallest is a one-person inflatable hot tub. Think about how often people will use the inflatable spa pool and base your purchase on that. There’s no need to buy a large inflatable hot tub if you plan on using it mostly with your partner or on your own, but if you plan on throwing a lot of inflatable tub parties or have kids, you might want to get one with some extra room.

2. What is your budget?

While getting an inflatable spa hot tub is a more economical choice than buying a traditional one, prices can still vary widely, so it’s important to set your budget before you start shopping. There are some cheap inflatable hot tubs for sale, and I’ll review the best ones in this guide’s inflatable hot tub reviews section.

3. Where will you put it?

While a lot of people get a blow-up spa for the garden, there are also some who opt for an indoor blow-up tub. When you get one of those, it really doesn’t matter what the weather is like and you can enjoy your tub all year long.

Regardless of your location, ensure there’s a flat underground to put the inflatable hot tub spa on. Another thing you should do is take measurements of the space you have to put the hot tub on so that you don’t end up buying once that, once you’ve installed it, doesn’t leave any room to walk around anymore.

4. Do you plan on moving it around?

While essentially all inflatable hot tubs are portable, some are better suited for regular dismantling/setting up and carrying around. If you plan on simply installing your hot tub once, you don’t need to worry about this, but if you plan on moving it around a lot, it’s important to look for an inflatable portable spa that caters to those needs.

Tips for setting up and maintaining your inflatable hot tub

how to set up an inflatable hot tub

1. Read the manual

You have no idea how many people buy an inflatable spa and get frustrated setting it up because they haven’t read the manual or looked at the setup DVD beforehand. Save yourself the trouble and check what you need to do first. Every model comes with its own instructions and it’s not because you’ve set up a blow-up hot tub successfully once that the next one will go just as smoothly.
If the guidelines aren’t clear, look up a YouTube video. You can find installation videos for most brands and models online.

2. Make sure you have a flat surface to put it on

This is essential, so if your garden is rather bumpy, you’ll have to flatten the part where you want the tub to go. It’s also best to level the ground so that the water doesn’t spill on one side.

3. Read inflatable spa reviews

I’ve added a bunch of inflatable hot tub reviews for the best models above. Make sure to read them while taking into account the things that matter to you most to avoid buying a tub that’s great, but maybe not the best fit for you. Take into things such as size, ease of setup and even color.

4. Connect your inflatable hot tub to a dedicated, safely located electric socket

Inflatable hot tubs run on electricity, so you’ll need to make sure splashing water can’t reach the socket it’s plugged into.

5. Don’t use your inflatable spa in cold weather

Most will have this in the manual or on the box, but you shouldn’t use your inflatable hot tub when it’s 40°F or colder outside. Not only will the tub not heat properly, there’s also the risk of the pump freezing and other parts getting damaged. When it gets cold, deflate your tub and store it somewhere inside until spring.

6. Get the right chemicals

Some blow-up hot tubs come with many accessories, others don’t, but almost one of them comes with chemicals to keep the water clean. You’ll have to get those yourself.

7. Change the water when needed

To be on the safe side, you can change your hot tub’s water every month or whenever it turns green, which is a sign that there are algae present or smelly. If your tub water turns green, it’s important to first clean your hot tub properly before refilling it.

The best way to test whether the water of your blow-up hot tub needs changing is by using a water testing kit or a TSD strip. Sometimes they’ll be included with your hot tub; if not, you can find them in a spa store or order them online.

To ensure that round of water lasts as long as possible, it’s important to always water off your feet before getting in and to close the special inflatable hot tub cover when you’re not using it. That way, things like mud, grass, and leaves stay out. You might also want to get a little net to fish out the leaves that have fallen in while using the tub or use your hands to get them out.

8. Clean the inflatable spa each time you drain it

The only time you can fully clean your inflatable hot tub is when it’s empty. It’s easiest to make it a habit to properly clean the tub whenever you replace its water and have to drain it anyway. You’ll kill two birds with one stone and won’t have to add an additional task reminder to your to-do list.

9. How much electricity will my inflatable hot tub use?

This depends on a few things, such as whether you have a two-person inflatable hot tub or a larger one, whether you keep it running all the time or frequently let it get cool down (a bit or entirely) and how often you use it. People have reported that their inflatable hot tubs up their electricity bill with $30 to $100 per month when using them constantly.

10. Why you can’t find an inflatable hot tub with seats

Most, if not all, inflatable spas for sale come without seats. That’s not a bad thing, though. They’re inflatable and usually more comfortable to sit in than traditional hot tubs. That’s especially the case when they have an air-padded bottom, which they often do.

Not having seats also allows you to sit anywhere in the tub with as many people that fit without limiting yourself to where the seats are or having someone sit awkwardly by someone’s feet.

If you’d still like a bit of extra cushioning or want to sit a bit higher, you can find plenty of different inflatable hot tub seats online. What’s fun is that you can also use them in a bathtub or take them on vacation to use in the hotel’s pool. As they’re loose and moveable, you can put them wherever fits, no matter how many people you’re using your inflatable tub.

11. Don’t over- or underinflate your tub

Most manuals will indicate how much air you need into your inflatable hot tub. If you don’t inflate it enough, the walls won’t be as sturdy and stable. If you inflate it too much, you’ll put too much pressure on the materials, risking damage.

12. Clean the filter regularly

It’s best to clean the filter cartridge at least every three months, though more frequently may be needed depending on how often you use your inflatable hot tub and the water quality.

It’s important never to clean the filter cartridge while it’s still in the hot tub and the tub is running. The best way to go about it is to have a replacement filter at hand that you can put in the tub to keep running while you clean the other filter.

Use a simple garden hose to spray off the filter, preferably with a head designed to clean filter cartridges. Never use a high-pressure water beam as it could damage the filter.

Have fun!

As you saw, there are plenty of different types of inflatable hot tubs and I hope that this guide has helped you choose the best one for you. Now that the research part is over, you need to get it, install it and enjoy it!

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